We are a principal investor, backed by private capital with extensive financial resources. We are able to fund single asset and portfolio transactions from $2 million to $60 million. We seek opportunities to acquire, rehabilitate, and reposition value-add, distressed, or troubled properties and to purchase distressed debt. 

We have experience—more than ninety-five years combined in real estate investment, development, and management.

We capitalize properties with sufficient equity to capture value opportunity and remove distress. We employ low levels of leverage. 

We have a local team of knowledgeable and directly involved professionals on the ground in our markets. We are active and onsite in the repositioning and management of the properties.

South and Central Florida is our current investment focus because of the combination of a highly desirable lifestyle found in these areas, along with population density and likely future growth from both in-migration and job formation. Florida continues to attract jobs and population with its warm climate and favorable tax regime. In the last census it gained 2.89 million residents and picked up two congressional seats.

Preston Giuliano Capital Partners began buying multifamily properties in South Florida in early 2011. The firm has acquired more than 2200 units, both whole rental properties and fractured condominiums. Properties are located in the South and Central Florida markets—Tampa to Naples on the west coast, and Jupiter to Fort Lauderdale—and are well located in strong submarkets.

We have acquired singular properties with value-add potential. We have intentionally rejected properties that appear more like commodity housing. In addition to singularity and well-constructed real estate in dense and growing markets, the properties we have purchased have excellent exposure on major roads, easy access to interstate highways, broad unit distribution, and engaging architecture.

We buy value, at prices near 50% of replacement cost and 35% to 50% of 2006 pricing, with the opportunity to improve management, enhance or rehab the property, and drive up rental income. Most properties have a conversion exit, if elected, when the Florida market regains stability.

When investing, we seek—

• Properties that are singular, with good fundamentals—well built and in good locations in growth markets

• Properties that offer value-add or reposition opportunities or are distressed

We are prepared to wait for value created to be value recognized.

We are prepared to wait for market conditions that will deliver a compelling return on invested capital.

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